La Barque establishes itself as a driving force for divsersity and innovation in the Chaleur region. An indispensable tool for community training and personal growth, the Barque is a benchmark for a safe and responsible social structure, focused on the success of all members of the community.


La Barque is a non-profit cooperative whose mission is to share spaces, tools and knowledge for the community of the Chaleur region, from the perspective of education and training, for the well-being , the fulfillment and sustainability of all its members and the community as a whole.

Its values ​​are therefore based on education, training, cooperation and the well-being of all citizens of its great region, of all ages, of all walks of life, of all intellectual abilities.

La Barque is an Acadian institution offering services in both official languages ​​of the pay


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Emploi disponible

Tous à bord! Volume 2, Numéro 35 - All aboard! Volume 2, No. 35

Tous à bord! Volume 2, Numéro 34 - All aboard! Volume 2, No. 34

Tous à bord! Volume 2, Numéro 33 - All aboard! Volume 2, No. 33

Tous à bord! Volume 2, Numéro 32 - All aboard! Volume 2, No. 32

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Activities to come !

2023-11-30:08:00---BNPP (203)

2023-11-30:11:00---BNPP (125)

2023-12-02:08:00---Corps de cadet 1242 (125)

2023-12-03:09:00---Pickleball (125)

2023-12-03:13:00---Fete à Jaxon (125)

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423 Rue principale
Pointe-Verte, NB
E8J 2S3
Tel. (506) 542-2611